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Through this door walk many of the best knitters in three states!

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As of June 2005 we will be sending the newsletter by email instead of posting it on this Website. It will download much faster and, because it's easier for us, it will come out more frequently. Visitors who sign up for the email list (see link below) will also get advance notice of special events, special sales and other timely news.

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Complete, pictorial how-to on the Long Tail Cast-On Method!

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is HOT! Get started with our great yarns and kits.

We have MANY thousands of beautiful knitting yarns, imported from all over the world, in the latest types, newest fibers and in a rainbow of colors.

We also have hundreds of the most desirable knitting needles, Bamboo, Birch, Metal Addi Turbos, plastic and aluminum.

This wide and deep inventory is changing all the time, new yarns arriving at times every day, some being discontinued, and new yarns constantly introduced by the manufacturers. For that reason, we can't represent on this website what's available in our Waterford, PA knit shop.

This website is intended to be our way of reaching our clientelle with news, schedules, unusual closings, classes, and useful information. Bookmark this site and come back often to see the latest.

Try knitting with Addi-Turbo needles from Germany. They actually help you knit FASTER!

how to buy Amazon shares in Hong Kong This is our needle rack, showing the many sizes and types of needles we have. Even though needles have been scarce, we have a good selection on hand. There's also a good selection of accessories like stitch holders, markers, counters and others. Now on hand, Felting Needles!


You can always call ahead to see if your needles and other supplies are in stock. 814 796-6063 or eMail

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online investments in Hong Kong All items are subject to be discontinued by their respective manufacturers, so we don't guarantee to carry items indefinitely. When we're notified of such changes we'll pass them along as soon as possible. Our prices, when quoted are based on US currency. We do not export. Extra charges such as freight, sales tax, etc, will be quoted as separate items upon request. In order to quote delivery costs we MUST know what goods will be shipped and the destination street address.